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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Holiday

Tomorrow I will start my holiday and as usual will going home to my hometown with Plusliner bus just to meet my beloved mother, brother, sisters, other family members and of cos all of my friends. However, because of the long holidays (from Thursday (22/1/09) to Tuesday (27/1/09), i had made an arrangement to go to Bukit Mertajam Sapura Office for a visit. Just called Syed Firdaus dis morning and he is ok with dat. After having my lunch, talked to Abazazilah (used to call Abe n she is Project Admin Exec at BM) to meet her during dat day. Ermm... of cos as a guest i asked her to serve me with yummi2 lunch after Friday Prayer heheheh.... (Just wondering, what will she serve me? Laksa Penang? Mee Udang?)

I've decided to go home during this Chinese Holiday as i'm planning to discuss further with my brother about our sawit n getah's project. We've completed the 3rd phase of our project. 1st to clear all the bushes, 2nd to surround with a hedge and 3rd to cultivate with anak getah n sawit. We have succeeded very well. And now the 4th phase of our project will be interval planting between the sawit n getah. Earlier i was thinking about planting chillies and however suddenly my office colleague (Ajak) suggested me with Corns. Not only sugegsting, he was also emailed me some great information on how to make profits with Corns. I will discuss further with my brother later.

Few days ago, I had received a SMS from zakri requesting my email address. He want to email me his wedding invitation card! Congratulations to him. He is my childhood friend and altough we seldomly currently meet, untill now we are still keeping in touch. He is the one and only friend dat still unmarried just like me :D heheheh but now i will be alone :( but don't think it will be forever :)

Going to sleep now... Eagerly can't wait for tomorrow


~d!b@~ said...

apesal org lain yg raye, awak yg cuti panjang..??
ini tidak adil! ini bukanla demokrasi terpimpin seperti yang diwarwarkan *drama jap*

camnila skang.. balik kampung xroger pon huhu~ *eh? mcm la sekampung* :P

ayat provokasi: hah? dont think it will be forever? bile bile hehe.. ooo patut la mase dba masuk minang aritu awak reject iskkk *drama lagi..*

neway, happy holiday.. just nk wish thanks sbb bg komen mbina kat dba :)
take care!

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