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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone.

Firstly, thanks to everyone for keep on coming here. To Kak Halima, I'm here but for a while only :). Still not ready to back in track

It is almost a month and new year just a round the corner and this blog was presented with no new update. I am sorry for the lazy me as the life currently are not on my side eventough I enjoy every moment spent. The hectic time mood started since early of December with my working life, travelings, relatives, weddings and so on. I know and aware of the plans earlier but never thought that it is so tiring. I usually easily fall in sleep, really deep sleep anywhere and anytime and need to put Damaipeace aside to find a peaceful time for myself. 

Just now I had my lunch packed from Kyros Kebab KLCC infront of my office laptop while doing this typing. I miss doing blogwalking, reading, commenting, communicating with others in this bloggering world and learning new thing. 

I'm not smoking. Please do not smoke too...
I hope the hectic time will end soon and the new year will come with a great blast.


Hairil Rizal said...'ve been missing for a veeeeery long time you know and you came back just to say that you just stopping over??

Tak aci!!!

Just joking Pirate...take your time. I know that things need to be prioritized. Glad to hear from you again though! :)

aNtu_BaEk said...

semoga diberi kelapangan =)


Salam Ali, Sibuk bebenor tuh! Takper, buat apa yg patut cam Warlord kata!

Pirate said...

HR - leger.... hehehhe
antu_baek - sket jer lg pastuh dah bebas
Kak Halima - Tq. Souveniour tuh dah sampei dah... cantikkkkk hehehe nnt nak tayang kat dlm nie

miss nina said...

bro, too bz to write eh?
okay, take ur time

dyanna said...

end of the year 2010 is coming.. black out ni reflection time kot? heheh

kyle said...

two more days to go, better get those new resolutions ready my friend :)

angpao angpao, hehe

Pirate said...

miss nina, dyanna & kyle - ngantukla. almost of the time. terutama di ofis hehe

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