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Friday, July 13, 2007

What to eat?

It is almost 1.00AM and it is getting too late for me to let my eye open. Looking at the picture, nyum-nyum... oh... thanks God I've took my dinner at 7.50PM few hours ago and my hunger doesn't hurt me as usual. Dinner at McD (actually I hate fast foods) with my friend, Izzati with one set of Mc Chicken and Spicy Mc Chicken Deluxe doesn't fulfill my hunger. But lots of advise from my fellow colleagues in the office stopped me to take my second dinner with my favourite dishes, Nasik Goreng Padprik, Bihun Tom Yam and so on. Oh diet! I need to reduce my weight!

But one thing in my mind right now, hehehhe. Monday till Wednesday will be my fasting day, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday does it will be my eating days??? Hahahaha... no wonder my weight keep increasing every day. Gym? Hmmm... it was almost a month I do not attending my exercises. Not enough rest, tired, not much free times and the most important is, my stomach always full! Wait till this Sunday and hopefully all the stubborn reason wouldn't stop me to gym


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