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Friday, December 19, 2008

Bad Day

Yeah. That's only what I can say for today.

From the time I woke up in the morning everything seems normal until i sent one office email at 11.56AM, everything started to change after i got below reply:


Should we fill up your form?? Site was completed and we have declared at WAR ROOM instead.

Can somebody advice what is “WAR ROOM FUNCTIONALITY”.....

Lets reduce paper work.... "

The first word escaped from my mouth was "SHIT!". Dlm otak aku pk, aku ada buat salah ke? And... yeah..., I've accidentally put together an old thing that was ealier solved before I'm joining the company.

However, thanx to my boss, Wan. He saved me from my 1st big mistake (I guess) and continue to calm me down.

"Salam Afize,

I would recommend for the Integrated site, CME personnel to proceed with the NRA request form as usual. For RFS site (the mentioned list) , that have been closed quite sometimes ago, no need to fill up the NRA CME request form.


After the mail sent from my boss, there was still two unwanted mails flying over to my inbox and it was ignored by me (although my heart was hurt wawawawawawa....).

In the evening, ada plak salah faham with my important person and it was drag on until I make a call with 3 words (dah balik dah?) at 23:14pm with nothing wrong intonation but not sure whether the issues solved. Hopefully it will be cleared as soon as possible.
Walaupun cuma dua benda nie jer yg berlaku, it really make me sicks!


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