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Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to Be a GREAT Friend

Friends are people who we trust and love dearly. To create better friendships, we have to be willing to put in much effort to build that friendship. Treat them the same way we would like them to treat us. With a little adjustment here and there we can create some long lasting relationships with our friends.
Friendship is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It’s not how much you care in the beginning, but how much you care till the end!

Step1: Encouragement is probably one thing that all friendships need, regardless to whether they're new or old. We all have people in life that are quick to point out our flaws, faults, and failures. Being a great friend means believing in people, sometimes even when no one else does.

Step2: Spend quality time with your friends. We all have busy lives, but to maintain and develop a friendship requires at least some amount of quality time. In some instances, physical time together isn't possible, which is where the Internet comes in handy. In local situations however, the Internet, text messaging, etc. should not become a crutch in your friendship.

Step3: Whenever possible, make it a point to be there for your friends through both celebrations and difficult situations. It's easy to be a friend to someone when everything is going great for him or her. True friendship however is being there for people when challenges hit them.

Step4: Be very patient, forgiving, and respectful of friends. No one is perfect, and even the best of friends aren't going to agree on everything. Obviously don't tolerate situations where you're being purposely taken advantage of or hurt (that's not a friend), but try to talk through normal situations where your friend isn't doing something on purpose. Also be willing to say you're sorry when you're the person who does something wrong. Remember that in many cases it's better to preserve a relationship than to be "right" all the time
Things you’ll need:

The desire to be a great friend, making your friendships solid and rich.


Anonymous said...

if only i have a friend like tat..i'd b the happiest person on earth.

~d!b@~ said...

well.. kawan gelak ramaiiii, kawan nanges yang susah nak dpt ;)

ade quotes said, if u want to test them, screwed up and see who left? haha!

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