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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things that need to be done TODAY

These are the things that need to be done today!

  1. Wash all the smelly clothes :) - Done
  2. Joining Lipor & Yoyie at MATTA FAIR, PWTC - Cannot join to settle the most priority
  3. Surveying for HTC DESIRE or HTC WILDFIRE to get the best price
  4. To send my Nokia 5800 Express Music at Nokia Care, One Utama - Done
  5. Make some payment at Cash Deposit Machine (RHB & OCBC) - Done
  6. To change burnt car radio fuse at Proton Service Mutiara Damansara - Done
  7. To service my car air-cond at Tam Motorsport, Prima Damansara - Done
  8. Going to Jalan TAR with my housemate and x-housemate - Cancelled. Don't want to stuck there
  9. To buy computer speaker at All It, Ikano or at e-Curve - Done. Altec Lansing from all IT, Ikano
Will update if got any additional

Enjoy your weekend!!! :)


dba said...

perghhhh bz xhengat!
maklum la da masyukkk :P

Hairil Rizal said...

Ni sbb dpt Vitamin B ke Vitamin G?

Accomplishment yg bagus. Hampir semua dah diconteng disitu...

Pirate KL said...

dba & hairil, Vitamin B... trus rs hepi :D. esok ada lg checklist yg kena buat

dyanna said...

oh cool, HTC Desire! It's like the fastest but affordable smart phone right now.
Tengah survey gak.. only dekat Maxis center.. let me know if you find a good deal.

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