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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yoyie & Lipor

Hye everyone!

Today I would like to introduce Yoyie and Lipor to you. Both are my officemate and still new in this blogging arenas.

Lipor has been here around a month ago but was not so active as she is so busy with her 'boyfriend' - Swift.  Visit her at and you can find a really nice original branded items been sold there with an impressive price. On top of that, I think she also would interested to make new friend with you :)

Yoyie had just created his blog few hours ago. I think he deeply felt so challenged with me and Lipor as almost of the time we are talking about blogging and he need to shut his mouth! hahhahaha... As Lipor promoting his branded handbags, nice necklace and so on... Yoyie is still writing to introduce himself (is he promoting himself????) :p

To Yoyie and Lipor, welcome to blogging world.

Feel free to say hi to them.
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