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Sunday, October 20, 2013

CIMB Fiesta is BACK!

Meet me there on the last day since I'll be on duty to look after the floor. I'll be roaming around on every hall all the time from 10am to 9pm. Sebenarnya hari Khamis lepas aku dah ada sana sampai kejang abis kaki. Biasalah dah lama badan nie tak dilasakkan. Asyik tido,  makan, keje. Itu rutin harian sejak lepas kahwin. Nasib baiklah esoknya hari Jumaat dok melepak mengadap PC jer kat opis. Hari last nie mudah-mudahan semuanya smooth. Dengar citer Puan isteri dan adik-beradiknya pun nak ke sana jugak. Weeee x sabar nak dating kat floor sambil keje :p

The CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta 2013 is currently happening at Mid Valley Exhibition Center from 18 to 20 October 2013. Enjoy fantastic rates for merchandise, household and kitchen items, IT gadgets, electrical and electronic goods.

ENJOY additional discounts from 10am to 9pm on these days. 

Offers include: 
Early Bird Specials 
Gift with Purchase 
Bonus Points Redemption 
Super Deals 

1 hour credit card approval and instant card issuance

Other than date, ada 3 clown yang berlawan2 nak buat lawak bagi orang gelak, magic show, belon percuma, auction, cabutan bertuah dan macam-macam lagi yang menarik. Memang real macam fiesta. Tak caya gi lah and say peace to me :D

About CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta:

During the three-day event, CIMB Bank cardholders will have the exclusivity to purchase using their CIMB credit cards or debit cards on retail or Bonus Points transactions. There will be a wide range of products available, including electronic and electrical appliances, kitchenware as well as IT gadgets and lifestyle accessories. Visitors can look forward to daily cash winnings as well as gifts with purchases. Depending on the amount spent, CIMB cardholders will have the chance to win exciting gifts. CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta 2013 is open to CIMB Bank and Direct Access credit cards as well as CIMB Bank Debit MasterCards.

If you're coming, please say hye to me!


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