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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Felt So Stupid, Brainless and Useless

I've got a SMS from a friend of mine on Friday at 15:44:50 while i'm in a training room. A shocking and confusing short SMS from him. Replied but no answer from him and I was rushed out from the room and make a call to him. Still got no answer??? I was so worried something bad had happened to him. Suddenly around 5.30PM, the shocking terrified nightmares had happened to him and to me as well!

Disebabkan masalah rumahtangga orang lain sbg dramanya, si isteri yg menuntut cerai dan si suami yg mempertahankan rumahtangga selaku pelakon utama, aku dan kawan aku sbg pelakon tambahan jugak yg dah terkena tempiasnya. He was investigated by the IT Security from 2.30PM until 5.30PM and accused for revealed such a private & confidential information from his company. And the consequences, he may be will get fired. Oh My God!!! I was so speechless and shocked.
As of now, I'm still waiting for the husband to talk to his miserable wife to setle the case. Only his wife can retract back the case before the HR office receive the report. And it has been two days waiting... no miscall, no SMS and no news at all... BEING FOOLISHED AGAIN???!!!


~d!b@~ said...

ermmm cam ade konpius sket..

ape cerrr nih?!
dmanakah relationship between pelakon utama & pelakon tambahan tu?

iskkk papepon, dba hope awak try la settlekan dgn cara terbaik..
byk2 doa moga urusan dmudahkan :)

jangan terlalu menyalahkan diri sendiri sesuatu yang terjadi tu ade hikmahnye.. *adeh! dba cam terasa gak ngan ayat nih :P*

p/s: kes pelakon utama tu, lebih kurang cam trend artis zaman skang nih.. sedey tul, yg xkawen nk kawen.. yg dh kawen sibuk nak cerai *sigh*

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