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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anything happened, happened for a reason

Trust me, there is always something behind to think of in any bad things happened. I always bear dis in mind, always. I know you guys out there will 90% agree with me.

Unfortunately, not everyone of us would like to think. They tend to protest, angry and blame the fate. I do not know why people are more interested of complaining and to sigh instead of thinking.

I wonder why they didn't post mortem themselves? Deep inside of my heart telling me that, they know what was the reason but they actually can't accept the reality of the mistaken thing they had done before in their life.

I call them as a proud arrogant selfish human!


~d!b@~ said...

yup, 110% agreed with u ;)

as u stated there.. humans..

we all used to make mistake just to learn who we r..

it's the matter of time we realize it..

hopefully its not too late to learn the lesson ;)

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