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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gotong Royong Visit to Baitul Hidayah

I'm so proud being part of Sapura Community, a very well organize organization managed to launch a month ago. Being part of them, last Saturday was my first involvement in their activity, a gotong royong an a visit to an orphanage at Puchong.

Jue, Adam, Tasya, Vj, Adly and me was accidentally representing O&M (Operation and Maintanance) eventough all of us registered for the programme earlier than was asked by our Big Boss.

Dah! Malas nak citer panjang... I will upload the few captured images later after my issue with my dearest laptop solved.
I know you guys having fun sweating in the heat that day. Tq very much guys!


aisyah said...

saye keje mlm tu..x dpt join :(

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