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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anything happened, happened for a reason

Trust me, there is always something behind to think of in any bad things happened. I always bear dis in mind, always. I know you guys out there will 90% agree with me.

Unfortunately, not everyone of us would like to think. They tend to protest, angry and blame the fate. I do not know why people are more interested of complaining and to sigh instead of thinking.

I wonder why they didn't post mortem themselves? Deep inside of my heart telling me that, they know what was the reason but they actually can't accept the reality of the mistaken thing they had done before in their life.

I call them as a proud arrogant selfish human!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gotong Royong Visit to Baitul Hidayah

I'm so proud being part of Sapura Community, a very well organize organization managed to launch a month ago. Being part of them, last Saturday was my first involvement in their activity, a gotong royong an a visit to an orphanage at Puchong.

Jue, Adam, Tasya, Vj, Adly and me was accidentally representing O&M (Operation and Maintanance) eventough all of us registered for the programme earlier than was asked by our Big Boss.

Dah! Malas nak citer panjang... I will upload the few captured images later after my issue with my dearest laptop solved.
I know you guys having fun sweating in the heat that day. Tq very much guys!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tuhan Maha Kaya. The time will come!

When did the last time dat u felt cheated? Is it just your horrible bad feeling or its really true dat u have been cheated?

In my case, its really a big pleasure to reaveal the fucking shit stories happened to me all these while. 1st of all, my bad feeling said, I have been cheated by the person that i trust, love and care the most. The true story is, yes i have been cheated, used and now was thrown away by the person. Time changed and people forced to change? Why do people changed? Some said, to improve their life and others maybe said we need to move forward. They have grown up and if we questioned them, they will started to shout, dont treat them like children!
The situation will happened the most when they feel that they likely can survive without you. They can walk alone and matured enough to think the bad and good thing ahead. But the true is, they not always correct. Seldomly they can walk through the puzzles but not always. They lost to no where!
The sware, 'Sumpah dengan nama Allah' tragedy is the biggest thing happened. But for the blind and deaf hearted person, its nothing! No value at all. When they put the value to zero, and never respect their Merciful Almighty, don't ever think and hope they will respect you, human! They will keep on lying you, even they will start to use their own holly religous elements and matters as their reason. Yes, it's happened!
To deal with them, stop crying and hoping. Just let Allah the Almighty do the job. There is always a reason for something dat happened or gonna be. Today they treat u like shit, no worries, Tuhan Maha kaya and the time will come. Allah knows...
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