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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogwalking Award - Damaipeace 1st Award

Oh my.... I would never thought that I will rewarded with any kind of award. Thank you very much to Warlord's Armory & kHuzai for the cute, nice and peculiar unique looking Blogwalking Award. :)

Actually Damaipeace had been here in this blogging world since 11 July 2007 but then quit for almost a year and only returned back on 9th August 2010. Since the day, I (or you may call me Pirate KL), keep on trying to share whatever I can that may benefits others.

Before I can collect the award, there is 6 questions to be answered and 1 assignment to be done. The questions is:

1.What's in your mind right now?
I miss my 73 years old mother. Almost every year I will celebrate the beginning of Ramadhan together with her but not this year as the 1st of Ramadhan fall in the middle of working days

2. What's your nickname?
Pirate KL and some call me Ali Kanchan. Please don't ask me why :)

3. Who are the 3 persons that you loved the most?
My mother, my past away father (Al-Fatihah to him) and ermm... hehhehe

4. How do I address/call 'her'?
By name lah. Why, is it not so romantic enough :p

5. Present that I wish that I will get from my love?
Not much. Only HTC Desire, new TIMEX watch, 42 inch LCD TV, ect. (Just list it down, visualize and let the miracle happened hehehhe..)

6. Blogs that I usually visit? 
Of cos my follower's, blogs that I follow and bloggers that always leave their link in my Chatbox and comments


I would like to tag this award to:

And this is the awards!!!

Really cute one. I love it :)


aNtu_BaEk said...

hish, hitamnyer mmg kaki jalan blog tegar namenyer...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Ni award yg serupa yg telah ditag padaku sblm ini, belum sempat ambik, dah kena tag lagi.. apa nak buat ya? Anyway, thanx..

Tempah DiSini~ said...

mcm ne nak amik.. hehhe~ almaklum la 1st time... :D

Pirate KL said...

aNtu_BaEk, baru rock!
CgMas, bundle kan ajer heheheh
Khuzai/Tempah Di sini, follow instruction jer :)

Tempah DiSini~ said...

ok bro..dah cun. TQ for the award.. i like...

LiFe KaMi said...

terima kasih pirate, smart award tu..bole simpan dlm rak hiasan..hehe

Pirate KL said...

KHuzai & Babycute, u deserve for it :)

Hairil Rizal said...

U deserve one!

Pirate KL said...

Hairil, thx! mata x leh lelap pulak

ramadhanblog said...

thanks pirate for the award.. : )
nice day

Pirate KL said...

ramadhan, u r welcome. Thx to you too for the top follower award :)

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