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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tips: Interview Skills you Absolutely Need

1. Listen
Listen, Listen, Listen. Listening is not just hearing. You have to listen for the tone, the implied meaning and in some cases even the expected answer. Many times in interviews I conduct, I have to stop the candidate and tell him again what is that I asked. For e.g. “tell me about you” is a simple enough thing to do and yet I see interviewees answering this by talking about the parent’s professions, the sibling’s education or even about their alma mater.
2. Know
Can knowing be quantified as a skill? I think so. What do you need to know?
The company, the hotel/unit, the interviewer, the kind of questions asked, the secretary’s name, the designation you applied for, your expectations, the list is long. I have been shocked by people asking me my name after the interview.
3. Communicate
You think its simple, don’t you? I wish it was. I ask people what they are looking for and they tell me an opportunity. So I ask them what is the salary they are looking for, and they say anything. So I offer a job, but no salary and suddenly they start saying ‘no… no sir that is not what I meant’. If you don’t mean that, don’t say it.
Communicate your candidature.
Communicate your strengths
Communicate your expertise
Communicate your willingness, your enthusiasm and
Communicate your expectations



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