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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Weekend Accomplishment

1. Harry Porter 7 - DONE

1. Broga Hill, Semenyih - CANCELLED due to unstop raining since the night

2. Breakfast - 10.00AM at Ainil's house - CANCELLED as our Broga mission cancelled

3. Motorcycle shop at Jln Klang Lama - DONE and decided to be their agent due to reasonable offers to customers. To be discussed with the shop owner.

4. Additional - Cuci-cuci mata @ Uptown D'Kota, Kota Damansara - DONE

1. Walimatulurus at SS4B, Kelana Jaya - DONE. Instead I was also at Seksyen U5, Subang for Walimatulurus. I was also invited to the Walimatulurus for Syah X-Factors at Keramat but just arrived when everyone already doing the packing and tidy up the place :D

2. Workout at Celebrity Fitness, Kepong Village Mall - CANCELLED. Changed to eating day hehehe

3. A meeting with my old schoolmates (Dilah, KA & Razma) - CANCELLED. Postponed

So, how was your weekend?


Pirate said...

Only 4 out of 8 hurmm...

aNtu_BaEk said...

sunday - badminton in the morning, lepaking at pizu's house n karaoke till sunset....hmm...another day is wasted...hav spanish listening exam tomorrow!!!

sYafIkJacK said...

study , study study and study .


Salam Adik Lanun, selamat berkenalan! 5am- solat (waktu Sabah ya)5:30-8am tidoooo, 8am-11am- mark answer scripts, semua siap, yeaaah cikgu rajin! 1pm- melantak. 3pm-6 - blogging. 9pm-10 - melantak, 12-1am- tulis entry baru. Not too bad I guess. Cikgu follow blog awaklah!

Pirate said...

antu_baek - one day only just to release yourself. Take a break
SyafikJack - gudluck hahahha
Akak Moh kembara - wow... sgt berkualiti. congrats kak

miss nina said...

my weekend best sebab my bodyguard balik umah. we enjoyed outing-watching movie (skyline sangatlah bored), pergi jogong dengan anak jiran, main games sama2 and visit our relatives in skudai (makan2 time)

i miss my bro so much..sob..sob :(

Pirate said...

miss nina - i think your weeknd are well organize eventho with the boring movie... but atleast you enjoy your weeknd. right?

Hairil Rizal said...



Pegi nyanyi lagi...2 jam tu.
Pegi Tasik TTwangsa..sabtu dgn ahad. Sabtu preview utk my daughter. Ahad full blast.

cikani said...

dis wiken: going 2 gambang waterparkkk...hopefully it won't raining huk3

Pirate said...

Hairil - Huh depa tiap2 weekend jenuh dgn aktiviti. Rs nak den gki pun ada hahah

Cikani - Best tue Gambang Waterpark

she jirah said...

teringin nk pegi broga hills.

Pirate said...

She Jirah - jom :)

Anonymous said...

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