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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Media Statement on Qantas A380 - QF32: No Crash / Explosion - Plane Lands In Singapore Safely

Media Statement on QF32 Air Return to Singapore - Aircraft has Landed Safely

Sydney, 04 November 2010
A Qantas A380 aircraft operating QF32 from Singapore to Sydney experienced an engine issue soon after take off and returned to Singapore.
The aircraft had 440 passengers and 26 crew on board.
In line with procedure, the pilot sought priority clearance for its return to Singapore. The aircraft landed safely at 11.45am local time.
Some media reports suggested the aircraft had crashed. These reports are incorrect. No Qantas aircraft has crashed.
Further details will be released once they are available.
Updated 4.20pm
There have been no injuries to any customers or crew.
The aircraft is currently de-boarding and hotels are currently being organised for customers and crew.
We are currently planning for an aircraft to depart for Singapore to bring passengers back to Sydney tomorrow morning. Passengers on QF32 are being accommodated in Singapore.
We have commenced our own investigations as to how this incident occurred and have notified the ATSB. We will continue to work with them as they investigate the issue.
The flight crew carried out standard procedure for this situation.

Qantas has also indicated that, in accordance with its commitment to the highest safety standards, it has suspended scheduled A380 takeoffs until sufficient information has been obtained about what occurred on QF32.
Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Alan Joyce said Qantas would suspend A380 services until we are confident that Qantas safety requirements have been met.
Passengers on affected flights will be accommodated on alternative flights. Regular updates will be provided.

Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (5029)

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Hairil Rizal said...

Hopefully bukan something big yg akan menyebabkan semua A380 kena recall lah.

Kalau kena recall, teruk la Airbus..boleh bangkrap oo itu mcm!

Pirate said...

HR - tp for sure mesti penumpang2 dah pk 10 kali nak naik kapal terbang

miss nina said...

saya tahu isu ni dari blog awak which is good info.
media Singapore pun highlighted this news recently.

Pirate said...

miss nina - ye ke? Thx for the compliment. Btw, berita nie covered by banyak negara cuma ada yang buat prediction awal tentang crash in the air

medmint said...



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