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Monday, November 29, 2010

Revealing Damaipeace Friendly Bloggers

As promised, tonight I would like to introduce the four lucky bloggers who has made up to be selected among The Top 10 Members, Top Commentators, and two from Damaipeace follower.

The ideas of this came after realizing that, I need to do something:

  1. to increase Damaipeace traffic. 
  2. to appreciate Damaipeace visitors and followers
  3. to help promoting and introducing others as part of my social blogging charity activities (even though they are more popular and already high in traffics)
  4. to create more quality friends among bloggers 

And... from 22nd November 2010 to 29 November 2010, the lucky blogs and bloggers are:

Top 10 Member / Top Visitor:
Blogger: Kak Halima / Cikgu

Top Commentator:
Blogger: Warlord / Hairil Rizal

Lucky Follower 1:
Blogger: Kyle
Among the reasons: When he has an opportunity, Kyle always atleast saying hye to me via Yahoo Pingbox. Btw, we also connected via facebook

Lucky Follower 2
Blogger: Dyanna
Among the reasons: Can be considered the earliest follower of damaipeace before once I'd decided to stop from blogging activities (3rd Oct 2009) and until today she still among the best follower.

Do not forget to visit and start following them and I believe they will warmly welcomes you.

This week, I'm going to review them exclusively as they deserve for it for being Damaipeace Friendly Blogger. If you wish to be selected like them, you now knows what to do next : )


Siti said...



Salam Pirate a.k.a Adik Jack Sparrow, Alhamdulillah! Ada orang sudi bagi Yong/Cikgu award...terharunyer...teseskkur! Pastu Cikgu kena buat apa2 tak? Haa nanti Cikgu bagi awak cenderahati dari Turki ya...sebagai tanda persahabatan, tapi lambat lagi dapat ya, sebab Cikgu duk sana 3 bulan baru balik. Nak gi 22 Disember ni. Tima kasih sekali lagi. Entry ex-Mujahiddeen dah post!
P.S Nanti review blog bagi tau ya.,Thanx.

Pirate said...

Siti - aaa.... huhuuu

Kak Moh Kembara - ye ke??? best2. heheh. utk yg nie Kak xyah wat apa2... nie just for appreciation jer...

Hairil Rizal said...

Hoho...Pirate of Kelang Lembah,

Thank u!
Thank u!
Thank u!

Tak sangka mulutku (jariku) becok (becok?) gak sampai boleh dpt top commentator!

Mekasih Pirate!
Tak sabo nak tgk blog sendiri di review... :)


Salam Pirate, awak baru jer capai lawatan ke 54 ke blog akak dan jadi pembaca/follower yg ke 5 dan terakhir yg berjaya cross lawatan ke 50. Seperti diumumkan beberapa bulan dulu,( awak buleh check entry terdulu), Akak/Yong/Cikgu akan beri cenderahati pd follower yg cross 50 visits ni. Jadi sok ke gi blog Akak dan beri nama penuh dan alamat surat menyurat ya. Tahniah dan Gu nite!

LAA said...

Hehe... Congratulations to the bloggers! :)

dyanna said...


Tak sangka you!

I never expected to be on this list. (Remember earlier I asked you to review another blog?) Was reading lazily until I saw my blog mentioned there, and my eyes almost popped out from its sockets.


Let me share the story how I stumbled upon your blog..

I was doing a bit of a research for my (kononnya) next job and was looking at various working environment and people and culture. And your blog was one of the many blogs I found. I just visited your blog on and off... until you went on hiatus.

But after the 'remake', this blog is even better and much improved. More informational content and not so morbid anymore :P . Keep up the good work and keep on blogging mate!

Pirate said...

Hairil, mmg betul encik Watlord sgt becok menaip hahaha
Kak Moh Kembara - yeayyyy dah jupe artikel tue. x sangka la pulak hehehe
Laa - yeap. congrats to them. next time maybe u :)
dyanna - heheh thx anyway

miss nina said...

Congrats to the winner :)
bro hairil memang rajin menaip.

Pirate said...

miss nina - tiap2 hr ada new posting. dah mcm daily newspaper dah hahahah

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