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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My 2011 to do list

I just list it down and will try my best to achieve these :)

1. to clear my credit cards outstanding.
2. Car road tax an insurance renewal by June
3. To upgrade my car sport rim from 15" to 16"
4. car wax and polish (never done this before)
5. Going for holidays. Some of the places in my list to choose; KK, Kuching, Genting, Redang Island and Singapore.
6. 21 Led/lcd screen for my laptop
7. Looking for new housemate to fill in the empty room in my rented house
8. I wish to contribute in ibadah Korban dis year
9. PTPTN.... I need to continue paying back the money
10. I don't want to tick 'Single' in any offline or online form ;)

But all needs money.

...and because of that, I will try hard to generate more money this year.

That's all for sharing

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Hairil Rizal said...

No.10 needs lots of money and commitment for sure.

But first, u need to have love!!


dyanna said...

I think no 7 & no 10 is related.

and maybe you should re-prioritize no 10 to be top on the list. last things gets done last. :P

Pirate said...

Hairil - yea.. the no. 10 hurmm... and the love... can apply after marriage love concept or not :p

Pirate said...

dyanna - i need someone to continue my legacy :p


Salam, mana list 'nak kawin' ?

Pirate said...

salam - kak Halima, yg no. 10 tue.. :)

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