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Monday, January 17, 2011

Original New Coach (come with dushbag) - RM 870.00 (Butic price RM1500.00)

I am so rattled that I'm not even sure how to start this post. I never use this kind of bag. My RM150  Dunlop backpack bought from Parkson few years back still in its best condition and really help me to pack all kind of stuff. This show how our life, man are so cool and not even complicated like woman.

Ok, this is Julia Op Art Scarf Print Tote by Coach and I want to let it go for someone that really adore the glamorous, the quality and the brand. This is the best price. Just drop by to any Coach Butic and you may find it was exhibited at the ridiculous price. To remind you, this is NEW and GENUINE bag. Why bother to pay more when you have the option to get the same Coach with the best price here. 
See below for the product description

BNWT Coach Julia Op Art Scarf Print Perry Tote 14970
  • Op Art Scarf Print Sateen fabric with glazed cowhide metallic silver trim
  • Inside zip pocket, cellphone and multifunction pockets
  • Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
  • Lilac Sateen Fabric lining
  • Dogleash Closure
  • Double handles with 8 1/4” drop
  • 14 (L) x 16 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)

YM me or leave your message in the comment below :)


mie said...

nice but to expensive..

Nadhirah-chan said...

cantik nyeee . wuu wuu :)

dyanna said...

wah lau! jual handbag la pulak... Coach pulak tu.. mmg murah considering retail price is about twice as much.

bestnye kalau ada budget utk beli. i'll go and quietly cry now. hehe.

Hairil Rizal said...

Quite strange to find this post in your blog Pirate. Hehehe!


Salam Ali, weh dia dah ada biznes. Mmg buat biznes ke atau try test ni?

Pirate said...

Mie - branded tue bro! hahahha
Nadhirah Chan - mmg cantik (dimata wanita spt kamu :p)
dyanna - don't cry. ask someone to but for u :p
Hairil - have too. Trying to get involve in marketing pulak
Kak Halima - Nie just tlg kawan jer. Nie blog dia Hantu beg nih hehhe

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

perghh...cantik tergoda
tapi no money la dear. huhu

Peristiwa itu masih menhantui diriku...

ATTENTION Kawan-kawan: Blogger Ini DIKEHENDAKI

Pirate said...

Momoy, suruh someone special belikan :p

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