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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broga Hill, Semenyih on 27.02.2011

Finally... for the second time I reached at the top of Broga Hill today. I supposed to be there yesterday but funny thing happened to me and the plan was cancelled. For this time, Krol, his friend and me  start the hike quite late.  Three of us going up at 7.45AM and went down at 9.45AM. 

I will update the picture later as my old Digital Camera did not help me to capture the moment. Something wrong with the camera and need to fix it soon. Luckily Krol bring his DSLR and I take the opportunity to learn how to use it. I just snap! Snap! Snap! and snap! I wish I have my own. Anyone on my birthday???  :D

Ok, now I'm explaining you more about friends2talk income potential. You should know.

  1. You need to register for the plan. You will get free non-simcard-handphone/CDMA
  2. Bring four friends or family members to register the plan. You will get RM1000 incentive cheque
  3. All your four friends or family members do the same as what you did. They will get RM1000 cheque each. You will get RM640 (RM10/account)
  4. More people your group introduced, you and your group will gain more income/incentives
What else you should know?
  1. This program is provided to you by Wide Space Holdings Sdn Bhd (912712-H) a vendor of TM
  2. Free handphone and incentives is provided by Wide Space Holding Sdn Bhd (912712-H)
  3. The telecommunication service, coverage and rate is provided by TM (Telekom Malaysia)
  4. RM38 monthly charges with 12 months contract to be paid to TM (Telekom Malaysia)
For more information, CLICK HERE

Have a  nice day ahead :)


kyle said...

dude, you are really serious into this eh?? hmm....cant wait for your rm1k, then i can change my william to gold class gsc, wakakaka

Suhami Ahmad said...

this is not multi-level-marketing, right?

p/s : aceceh, tersepaking lak atok..hihi

Pirate said...

Kyle - yeah I am serious! Tomorrow I will submit the four person needed. Hopefully by 2nd week I can touch the cheque
Atok - sort of tetapi tanpa modal. Lebih kepada menjadi agen kepada agen TM.

Hairil Rizal said...

Naik Broga lagi? Fit tol hang ni!

...and sudah ada bisnes lagi! Keep us updated nnti dgn menayangkan chek RM1k tu kat kitorang ya! :)

Pirate said...

Hairil - sronok bila dok kat atas. Cara plg best nak work out. Bwk la family naik nnt


Salam Ali, Tahniah dah sampai ke Bukit tu kali ke 2. Dan semoga berjaya dlm biznes baru ni...nanti updatekan citer biznes ni!

Pirate said...

Kak Halima - terima kasih... tp x leh nak lawan kwn sy. dia tiap2 mingu pegi. Psl bisnes nie nnt sy update the progress k

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