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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends2Talk is SCAM - A too good to be true offer

You may read full content here

Telekom Malaysia to impose penalties if reseller agreement is breached

"WHEN contacted by Hotline, Telekom Malaysia Berhad confirms they do not have any product or service branded as 'friends2talk' and the company promoting the product is not and has never been a direct reseller or sole distributor of CDMA phones for TM.
A spokesman says: "Our internal investigation reveals the company in question is registered as a sub-agent/dealer to one of our principal resellers.
"We wish to highlight the Reseller Agreement (Silver Partner-CDMA Agreement) between TM and the principal reseller, clearly stipulates the appointment and management of its dealers are the sole responsibility of the latter. This is clearly indicated in the Terms of Agreement between TM and the principal reseller.
"As such, TM is not in a position to provide the information required since the company is not a TM reseller and has no direct dealings with us pertaining to its sales and promotional activities, IDs and commission payment.
"All such activities and that of any misconduct by dealers will be a direct arrangement between TM and the respective principal reseller."
The spokesman says, in the meantime, TM is issuing a showcause letter to the principal reseller seeking an explanation and remedies to resolve the matter.
"Penalties will be imposed if there has been any breach of rules and procedures in the agreement. We have also instructed the principal reseller to suspend the sub-agent/dealer in question from running the programme while investigation is being conducted.
"TM hopes the above information has provided a better understanding of the relationship between TM and the company that promoted the product."

I published about Friends2talk before. Since I was offered with free subscription and bla bla bla..,  I fill up the registration and started to introduce 4 persons to join. During the time, I doubt there is something wrong and decided to stop promoting and doing few investigations... Yes, this is an illegal programme by the company but not the package provided by TM. First, they fail to apply for direct selling license . Secondly, no such agreement with TM to support their programme. Third, the Wide Space Holding Sdn Bhd was registered to sell the CDMA Mobile phone only! Forth, after the comment from TM itself as above. Read for your self explanatory...


kyle said... wasted a post, hehe...nvm, u found new ways to earn money,together with me, hehehehe...

Pirate said...

yeah Kyle... pelan pelan kayuh sampai juga heheh

Hairil Rizal said...

Wah, nampak mcm a decent one, rupanya it was an illegal one juga.

Pirate is a smart person to do his own investigation Kyle!

Pirate said...

Hairil - Pengalaman mengajar kita :)

miss nina said...

PIRATE- add info on scam programme , visit aidid

luckily u aware on this scam, if not lagi la frust.

Pirate said...

Thx miss Nina

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