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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Google Adsense: How to Generate More Money?

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First, this is not a Facebook relationship status? What I'm going to say here is all about the question on how to improve traffics and how to generate more money from Google AdSense.

It has been quite long time that I am still figuring out the way. I spent most of my free time scratching my head just to figure out how to get my blog to rank enough in Google to get all the wonderful free traffic just like other bloggers enjoy and shouting about.  Why it is so important? More traffic meaning more money potential. Whatever ads we publish to generate money in our blog or website, it is all depend to the traffic. It is no use we are posting such super duper amazing articles when there is no people reading it. 

Why my head was so dizzy right now is that I still fail to improve Damaipeace traffic. I just don't know the correct way and understand what has been told everywhere in the internet. By the way, I found one free article by Lisa Irby from telling all her secrets. It is free and before you buy any kind of making money E-Books, you should download and read it first. I had gone through his website and found out that she really trying to help a people like me. I will try my best to follow her instructions.

Apart from that, I still do hope that I can meet with someone that really can help me to share their tips on making money on Google Adsense. Yes, it is so complicated!


Muammar-xp said...

nice info..

comment balik ya sob...

Pirate said...

Muammar-xp - terima kasih yea :)

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