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Monday, July 18, 2011

I Found You

Out of millions and i found you
something tells me dream does come true
just a glimpse of you and my day is through
i would do anything, just to be with you

time and space, became words of yesterday
when i can have all of you to spare
every night before you sleep
think of me and i'll be there

Thank Kyle :). U r such a great friend!

And to my dearest xxxxx xxxxx , will you be my special one, the one and only, in my heart for the rest of my life?

Aishiteru :)


Suhami Ahmad said...

aiyooooo...atok tiber2 speechless

tupaimerah said...

dah ade gefrenggggggggggggg....

Ali Kanchan aka Pirate said...

Atok & Tupai - Its complicated but really feel good... hehehhe

miss nina said...

ali, congrats.
whoaaa.. tetiba rasa happy juga :)

Anonymous said...

Kenal kan lah, kasik preview sikit. Tak rock lah sorok2. Hihi.

alongxp said...

hallo abang... bz ka?hahaha

apik pehe said... melamar dalam entri ni..hehe..nanti bleh lamar depan2..hehehe


Assalamualaikumm Ali, aisssyyy...lein macam punya sajak daaa. Kalau makan nasi minyak nanti jangan lupa. Pe kabor Ali?

Abe Goreng said...

Haha.jiwang gile sajak ni.:D

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