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Monday, April 18, 2011

Giveaway From Moscow by Miszlullaby

This is my first time doing a giveaway assignment after being tagged by Alongxp. Honestly, i'm doing this not because of the opportunity given by ML but it just to show my support to my blogger friends and chances to  create new friends. I never go out from Malaysia and what more to Moscow. My knowledge on Moscow is not as much as I know compared to other country but I know a little bit about their unique building design they build. ML is very lucky to be able to experience life in Moscow. One day, with the permission from The Almighty, I am sure will be there too :)

As for the assignment...


1)Buat satu entry bertajuk " Giveaway from Moscow by Miszlullaby" - Done
2)Copy dan letakkan banner di atas dalam entry korang tu. Tak payah letak dekat sidebar. (klik je banner tu, jgn right klik coz ML disable kan right-click) - Done
3)Be my FOLLOWER. - Done
4)Masukkan link dalam senarai bloglist korang. - Done
5)Tag 5 orang rakan blogger and LET THEM KNOW.(err...janganla just tulis "saye tag sume orang dalam blog ni", coz nampak cam xde semangat je nak menang. hehe) - Done. See below.
6)Kemudian, tinggalkan link entry korang tu di ruangan komen di bawah. - Done

I tag

Interested but your name not listed? Just smile and I tag everyone of you too :)


apik pehe said...

wahhh..kalo wat ni mesti dapat hadiah dari obersea..hehe

Hairil Rizal said...

Mekasih byk byk atas ingatan tulus ikhlas Pirate pada Warlord. Hee...ayat mcm nak raya la plak.

WL cecuba cecuba bila ada kelapangan nnti :)

Suhami Ahmad said...

agree wif apik pehe....absolutely a gift from Moscow....wallaweh, i lioke! huhu

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